Use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: Kava, Kratom, Subutex, Suboxone, Pro-hormone’s, designer or synthetic drugs and controlled substances of any kind. Up to 3 random drug and alcohol breathalyzer tests a week are required. If tested positive, residents will be discharged immediately and all fee’s paid will be forfeited.
Secure a sponsor and join a home group within the first 2 weeks. Attend 5 outside AA/ NA meetings and 1 mandatory house meeting each week. You must coordinate your work hours around the house meeting, to the best of your ability.
For the first 30 days, meeting verification sheets will be required. If you lose your sheet, you will have to start the 30 days over.

A minimum commitment to live at the house of 90 days is required. If moving out, a 2 week notice is required.
Secure employment, schooling, IOP or volunteer work within the first two weeks, failure to do so will result in discharge. Daytime hours are highly preferred, 3rd shift jobs are not permitted. IOP, volunteer work and school will only be acceptable in lieu of employment if resident has alternative means to pay their rent and must be at least 25 hours combined. When looking for a job, you must be out of the house looking from 11am-4pm.

Pay rent when it is due. Your rent will be due each week, on the day of the week you entered the program. It is your responsibility to coordinate transportation and make arrangements with staff about when and where to pay your rent. Consequences, such as curfew restrictions, will apply until balance is paid. Our rooms are $165 per week. Upon move in we require a $660 non-refundable administrative entrance fee + $100 refundable deposit and the first 4 weeks of rent. For a total of $1,420 to move in. The $100 deposit is refundable as long as the resident gives at least a 2 week’s notice of moving out. It is required that the resident has a reliable means to pay their rent until solid employment is secured. The first four weeks of rent are recommended to be paid up front in order to give the residents time to find employment and to become fully self-supporting.

Keep rooms and living areas clean and follow all chore guidelines and assignments. Chores are to be completed and maintained every day. Consequences and write-ups will apply if guidelines are not met.
Proper hygiene habits must be maintained. We will provide basic hygiene items for the newcomer if needed, but once established it will be the resident’s responsibility to supply their own items.

Be on property by designated curfew times. All curfew privileges are contingent upon residents ability to follow all rules of Middle River Asheville:
Week 1: 10:00 pm
Weeks 2-4: 11:00 pm Sunday thru Thursday and 12:00 am Friday and Saturday
After week 4: 12:00 am Sunday thru Thursday and 1:00 am Friday and Saturday. Overnight passes are considered after 60 days and dependent upon staff approval
*Curfew extensions may be considered for recovery related activities

House quiet time is 10:00 pm until 9:00 am, be mindful of those sleeping and keep noise levels at a minimum.
Sleeping in past 10:30 am is not allowed unless you worked 2nd shift the night before.
Privileges for attending concerts, out-door live music events, festivals, and alike is dependent on your progress and approval by staff. You may not attend unless you have at least 30 days clean AND it can be verified that you are accompanied by persons who have at least 6 months clean and are solid in their recovery program.

No visitors on the property without prior approval by staff and housemate’s. If approved, no more than 2 visitors at a time with visits not exceeding 2 hours. You may only have visitors once a day with a limit of 3 days per week. No one is allowed in any other resident’s room for any reason. Visiting hours are 10am-10pm, based upon discretion of staff.
No burning candles, incense or smoking cigarettes in the house. Failure to comply will result in consequences and possible discharge. Smoking is permitted outside.

Being mindful of utility usage is required. The thermostat must remain at or below 72 in the winter and at or above 70 in the summer. When leaving the house and when sleeping, the thermostat should be turned down in the winter and up in the summer. The washing and drying of less than a whole load of laundry is prohibited. All unused lights and electricity must be turned off. All residents in the house are responsible for maintaining these guidelines and if at any time these guidelines are not being met, the whole house will receive a consequence.

Absolutely NOTHING can be flushed down the toilets except toilet paper (No paper towels, wet wipes, etc) and absolutely NO oil can be poured down the drain. Please dispose of outside.  We have very sensitive plumbing.
Sleeping on the couches and food in bedrooms is not permitted.

If taking any approved medications, you must take them as prescribed. Any changes to medications must be under supervision of a doctor. It is your responsibility to make sure you do not run out of medications and obtain and refill in a timely manner. If you need assistance with this, please ask staff to assist you. We have local resources that provide such services. All OTC medications, for colds and alike, must have prior approval by staff.

We have ZERO tolerance policies, which include but are not limited to: Residents participating in violence both verbal and physical, bigotry, disrespect, purposely not complying to house rules, gambling, theft, destruction of property, attending strip clubs, associating with persons actively drinking or using drugs, possession of/the use of weapons, sexual relationships on the property and criminal behavior of any kind.  Residents who do not comply to our ZERO tolerance rules will be discharged immediately and all program fee’s will be forfeited.

Middle River Asheville is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items of residents and highly suggests not possessing anything irreplaceable while residing at the house. Locking all doors and windows to the house when leaving is required for the safety of all residents and their belongings.  No sharing of personal property, loaning money, or borrowing of vehicles.

Video game consoles are only permitted in bedrooms and only with consent from your roommate.
Residents must agree to a background check, if applicable. Persons with sexual offenses or violate crimes are not permitted.
If mandatory discharge is required, resident’s belongings will be held for up to 1 week and then discarded or donated.
By signing the agreement, the resident accepts that failure to comply or having knowledge of another resident not complying, and not informing staff, will result in fines and/or immediate discharge.  

This is not a complete list of all the possible rules and/or violations that may happen. Staff will enter the house at any time to ensure all guidelines are being met. To insure a happy, drug and alcohol free recovery environment please do your part to use common sense when it comes to either doing or not doing something that may affect yours and others stay.