• ​​​​​​​​​​Our sober living homes in Asheville serve as a great, and often necessary, starting place in which residents can learn to live daily life clean and sober with the guidance of other individuals who have personal experience with the recovery process. Asheville has a very strong 12-step recovery community and is a great place to start your recovery journey. 


  • Both owners of Middle River Asheville Sober Living Homes have over 22 years of continuous personal recovery and over 17 years of experience working in the substance abuse treatment field to draw from and thus are able to offer the guidance essential to early recovery.

  • Our recovery homes are located in downtown and just outside of downtown Asheville and are less than a 5 minute walk to the bus stop, easily accessible to public transportation and many places for employment opportunities. 


  • We will provide transportation to and from the airport, bus, or train terminal.

  • We will provide linens, towels, pillows, and basic hygiene items for the newcomer. Once resident is established, it will be their responsibility to supply their own items. 

  • We have Wi-Fi, cable and laundry facilities in-house.

  • We will conduct mandatory alcohol and drug screenings on a regular basis.

  • We will make referrals for you, to therapists, counselors, addiction specialists, out-patient programs, primary care physicians, nutrition assistance programs and more.


  • If needed, we will provide you with progress letters for court, probation and alike. 


  • We will monitor your progress in finding and working with an appropriate sponsor.

  • We will provide a mandatory house meeting every week. 

  • ​A minimum 90 day stay at the house is required. A 2 week's notice is required if moving out.


  • We believe that recovery is not a privilege or a luxury, we know that it is often a matter of life and death. Therefore, at Middle River Asheville Sober Living, we provide a quality, safe and structured program at a reasonable price. Although our services are invaluable, our rent is $160 per week. Upon move in we require a $480 non-refundable entrance/ administration fee and the first 2 weeks of rent to be paid up-front, for a total of $800 to move in. Payment arrangements may be considered, but due to our already very affordable rates for this level of care, this is on a case-by-case basis only. 
  • It is required that resident's have a reliable means to pay their rent until solid employment is secured. The first four weeks of rent are recommended to be paid up front in order to give the resident's time to find employment, receive a paycheck and to become fully self-supporting. 


  • Upon entrance, resident must bring enough money for food and other necessities, along with two forms of ID.


"Living at Middle River Asheville Sober Living has been a great experience for me. Adam and Lisa made transitioning from a treatment center into a recovery environment very easy. The structure of the halfway house allows you to make your own decisions while having rules that hold you accountable. It has helped me grow into a productive and respectable person, while teaching me the importance of being responsible. I owe a lot of my happiness and recovery to the structure that Middle River Asheville Sober Living has helped me build." - Dominic P. 

​"My name is Dylan and I am an alcoholic/ drug addict who has really struggled with sobriety. Until about 9 months ago, I had used some type of substance every day for about a decade, so living life on life terms was something fairly foreign to me. Before leaving treatment I was playing with the idea of moving to Asheville, NC and living in a halfway house. This was when my discharge planner and I began coordinating things with Middle River Asheville Sober Living. I spoke with Lisa on the phone and we discussed various procedures, and rules regarding living in one of the Middle River Sober Living homes. When I arrived, I was greeted by Lisa, the woman I spoke to on the phone and owner of Middle River Sober Living. She was extremely kind yet very serious, which is a difficult and impressive temperament to have. The house was very nice, that I could hardly believe 6 male drug addicts/alcoholics had been living there. She showed me to my room and was very pleased about my situation at this point, on my bed laid a really soft blanket and bedding. After I got situated, I went to an AA meeting right up the street, and began talking with other people at the meeting, and they invited me to join them downtown for some coffee and a tour of downtown Asheville, NC. I called Lisa to see if this would be alright, and she was more than alright with me hanging out with people from the program. This was something that was a theme for me during my stay at Middle River Sober Living, acts of compassion on Adam and Lisa’s behalf to facilitate my development in my recovery. Every day for the first few months I was there, Lisa would leave extensive lists of places that were hiring, and let me know of every single business that was hiring in Buncombe County pretty much. Thanks to her, it was absolutely unnecessary to enter vocational rehab, because I already had a caseworker more or less finding me potential work. Adam and I, the other owner of the houses, connected right off the back, and he, like Lisa, had been brought to our knees by the same stuff. Throughout the 7 months I was at Middle River Sober Living, they became my friends, and that's something that in the 2 years prior of me bouncing around halfway houses, I had never experienced. Not only did they provide me with affordable sober housing, they provided me with priceless insight and guidance that only a fellow addict, and individual actually living a spiritual life could give. I am eternally grateful for the two of them."  - Dylan H.

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