Sober Living

  • Our homes serve as a great starting place, in which residents can learn to live daily life clean and sober with the help and guidance of other individuals who have personal experience with the recovery process. The staff at Middle River Asheville have over 22 years of continuous personal recovery and over 15 years of experience working in the substance abuse treatment field to draw from and thus are able to offer a support system essential to the beginning months of early recovery.

  • Our sober living facilities are quality homes for men and women at an affordable price. We provide separate homes for the men and women, we are not co-ed.

  • Our recovery homes are located in downtown and just outside of downtown Asheville and are less than a 5 minute walk to the bus stop, easily accessible to public transportation and many places for employment opportunities.

  • We will provide transportation to and from the airport, bus, or train terminal.

  • We will provide linens, towels, pillows, and basic hygiene items for the newcomer. Once resident is established, it will be their responsibility to supply their own items. 

  • We have Wi-Fi, cable and laundry facilities in-house.

  • We will conduct mandatory alcohol and drug screenings on a regular basis.

  • We will make referrals for you, to therapists, counselors, addiction specialists, out-patient programs, primary care physicians, nutrition assistance programs and more.


  • We will monitor your progress in finding, maintaining, and working with an appropriate sponsor and support group.

  • We will provide a mandatory house meeting on-site, every week. 

  • ​A minimum 90 stay at the house is required. A 2 week's notice is required if moving out


  • Our rooms are $160 per week. Upon move in we require a $320 non-refundable entrance fee and the first weeks rent, for a total of $480 to move in. It is required that resident's have a reliable means to pay their rent until solid employment is secured. The first four weeks of rent are recommended to be paid up front in order to give the resident's time to find employment, receive a paycheck and to become fully self-supporting. 


  • Upon entrance, resident must bring enough money for food and other necessities, along with two forms of ID.